Amplifying Business Success

When companies create Impact Statements it amplifies and accelerates their success.

Once, this type of thinking and modelling was reserved for the mega successful, but with advances in business intelligence this modelling is now accessible to companies at all levels..

Worthington & Stoop are helping companies to optimise operations, personalise their services, and amplify their potential by having a bigger goal in mind. Essentially, they help companies to future-proof themselves by harnessing the power of Impact Statements.

Impact Statements are fundamentally going to disrupt the way that every company does business.

I explain it this way. “Impact Statements are going to change everything from the way companies interact with clients, to the way their employees work, to the very manufacturing processes that they use to create their products. If companies don’t aim to make some part of that relationship and process; to become a hallmark of who they are and who they want to be and become better and more personalised with it, they will be overtaken by a competitor.”

An Impact Statement is a companies written commitment and plan on how they will benefit the wider community. This can be from their local community to global philanthropic activities.

In today’s world we know consumers when buying products and or services (and even when investing) they are looking at that companies social responsibility activity.which is what an Impact Statement is telling consumers.

Many companies overestimate the amount of effort it takes to become a company with an Impact Statement, which is why they end up shying away from them and risk being pushed out of the market.

Yet to start an Impact Statement and commence implementing their own, it does not take as much money or time as often thought. Nine out of ten times they already have the foundations that are needed – they simply need to start a small pilot, then build up from there.


They will immediately see shifts in employee engagement and returns on investment if they begin to incorporate their program in an intelligent way, even on a small scale.”

For companies that are embracing Impact Statements, the biggest challenge is finding the right people to help design, build, and integrate them into their existing business models. As it is a relatively new focus for business, there are still a limited number of experts worldwide – though the number is growing rapidly year-on-year.


It is not just big conglomerates and well-funded start-ups that can benefit from Impact Statements, though. W&S, are looking to create access for companies at all levels, through training and support systems, so that people can “innovate and do more with their companies than they would otherwise”.

By using advisory boards, interacting with community groups and not-for-profits – and a little imagination – W&S enable companies to open up new opportunities “to not only unlock value where it hasn’t been seen before, but to create new value and a sustainable, generational company”.

In summary, you must know and be connected with who you are what you represent and be purpose driven!

And finally have the courage to pursue your dream.

Gerhard Stoop