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Trust lies at the foundation of every good partnership. Over 20 years ago, when Worthington and Stoop began consulting, they said: “If contact between people is based on trust and absolute integrity, then it is of benefit for both sides.” Now, 20 years later, the name Worthington & Stoop remains synonymous with trust and absolute integrity. Today, Worthington & Stoop’s philosophy is continually reflected by serving clients with the highest standards of quality and expertise in the field of private business consulting.

In choosing Worthington & Stoop as your business consultants, you can rely upon the same core principles from which Worthington & Stoop was founded. You will be at the centre of every business decision, and your business will receive the utmost dedication and expertise. This is what makes Worthington & Stoop one of the leading private business consulting firms in the world today. 

“Everything changes when you ask and answer, where you would be without limits.”

A Worthington & Stoop philosophy.


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Private business Consulting

The Worthington & Stoop Difference:

We passionately love private business consulting – for our clients locally and worldwide.

We are independent – remaining true to our business heritage.

We give objective advice – leveraging our expertise via the Worthington & Stoop online platform.

We are entrepreneurial and innovative – setting the pace in the industry.

Your Inner Circle:

Entrepreneurs: Are you taking your first steps towards entrepreneurship or ready to take your venture to the next level?

Executives: As a successful executive, your personal and business needs are often multifaceted. At Worthington & Stoop we take a holistic approach with our executive consulting, ensuring your personal and professional situations are taken into account.

Business Expansion: Is the time right to expand your business? What are the key growth drivers in your industry and how can you ensure stability as you develop?

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