Advisory Board Implementation

A customised program to move your business to a self-managed opperation, creating growth and increased business value.

Executive Consulting:
The Executive and Board Member Training Program

1. How to construct a Code of Conduct
2. How to summaries reports onto one page.
3. Training in the seven levels of executive leadership.
4. Training in Board decision making.
5. Training in conflict resolution.
6. How to have difficult conversations.
7. How to work as part of an effective Board to achieve common goals.
8. How to present reports to the board.
9. Effective questioning of other members board reports so as to :
a) Effectively design solutions to challenges. b) Identify opportunity for improvements.
c) Identify opportunities for growth

Advisory Board Training

An Advisory Board is a selected group of people who provide non-binding strategic advice to the management of a business, company, organization or foundation.

The informal nature of an Advisory Board gives greater confidence to those serving on the Board, as they are not at risk as they would be on a formal Board.

For a business looking to grow, these are powerful tools to assist you.
At Worthington Stoop we assist you in selecting people to sit on your Board and in the implementation of your Advisory Board to deliver the results you want.

Strategy Implementation

1. Consultation with owners and Directors to establish outcomes desired.
2. Formatting reporting systems.
3. Setting and developing agenda formats.
4. Executive and Board member training.
5. Strategy and Risk understanding.
6. Implementation of robust risk management systems.
7. Linking strategy and implementation for business growth. agenda